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Say hello to our front office staff! These staff members work hard to make sure all of our documents, data, attendance, health concerns, and much more are documented and processed. Learn a little more about the friendly faces that greet you when you walk in to the front office:

Attendance Clerk - Lyndsey Kirkwood

This is Lyndsey's second year at La Mesa. She loves to help our school whenever she gets the chance. She is the first face you see when you enter the front office and is always ready to answer phone calls. If you need to get in touch with the front office, you will probably be greeted by Ms. Lyndsey.

School Office Supervisor - Gladys Lee

Around here people call me Ms. Gladys. I have nearly 16 years of experience working in schools under various capacities. As a School Office Supervisor I support our students, staff, and families. I enjoy being able to help parents, staff and my administrators . Whether I am guiding a new family through enrollment or guiding a kindergartner back to class, I embrace all parts of my role. My favorite part of my job is the students , especially when they become self aware of their achievements and they take a moment to share and celebrate with us in the front office. The handmade portraits are a plus! I have been a Mpusd parent myself as I have 3 adult children . My youngest graduated last year. I have traveled around the world and love to meet people from places near and far, it’s why La Mesa suits me so well. In my free time I spend time with my family, my shih tzu Louie and travel whenever I get the time.

Student Records Clerk - Debbie Sommatino

When Debbie enrolled her son into Kindergarten in 1978, she thought it would be fun to work at a school.  She applied and is still here 44 years later. She loves everything that she does for La Mesa! Debbie is in charge of student records and transfer sheets. If your child came to La Mesa late in the year or is planning on leaving before the end of the year, Debbie puts student files together, organizes the paperwork, and sends them off to new schools. If you have any questions about student files, contact Debbie.
Mon-Fri 12:00-3:30

School Nurse - Fatima Mejia

My name is Fatima Mejia but everyone calls me Nurse Fatima. I have been working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse for the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District for 5 years now. The best part of my job is being here, helping and supporting our students, staff, and parents. The highlight of my day is making our kids feel better when they are not feeling well or when they get hurt. I have been known to give “Magic Ice Packs” which really helps make kids feel a lot better. I have two children who just recently started attending La Mesa Elementary School and everyone here has welcomed us with open arms. I also have ties with the military. My brother served in the United States Marine Corps for 10 years so I have a good connection with and a great sense of patriotism for our military community. I am happy and proud to be a part of this community. GO SHARKS!!!

Front Office Staff

Gladys Lee
8:00am-3:30pm daily
Debbie Sommatino
Mon-Fri 12:00-3:30
Fatima Mejia